The DAGames Logo, also used in the Introduction sequences featured in Will's videos (DAGames)

"Chim chim chums, it's Will Ryan of DAGames here!"

-Will Ryan

SummWork Edit

At the time he was at Newgrounds, Will worked on many different flash animations that gave him a wide amount of popularity on the site. Some of his most famous animations on Newgrounds were the Comix series, the Reality series, taking five nights away, and one animatronic on Freddie. He still continues to do animation on this day, but not so often. His first when the band was formed with a friend of his; Josh, in 2005, as the famous Land of Hell. In the end, the group was renamed the colony in 2008, and the new member joined; Danny. However, in 2009, Josh, unfortunately, left the group due to unfavorable circumstances. With his departure, however, two members renamed the group in the Onyx colony to show that they were much stronger and would not stop at anything. At one time, Josh reunited with Will and Danny to continue his musical career. After all, though, Will and the other members of the Onyx colony withdrew to go their own way. Will continue to make music on his own, called WAR, his initials, under the specified name, he created the song "About That Explode", which later came to be the sequence of introducing music for DAGames. Later, Will began to practice music called DAGames, with the first song being the time to die, and five nights into 3 Freddie songs, and later I created the Purple Guy, not the whole night and the Huniepop song, Another Date. Later in his musician career / YouTuber, he became well known because of his five nights in Freddie's songs, as break my mind, it's time to die and lagging behind. Will also be known for his plays LET, animation and voice acting, he had 17 years worth of practicing as an actor's voice. Will also be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Newgrounds (so far), strife and other social media platforms on the Internet. Will the voice have acted already a few caricatures on the SmashBits channel like if the Undertale was Realistic, although he was also a guest vocalist in one of his songs, and quite a few song guests like TattleTail BoneCage's songs, The Stranger in the basement, or the farewell of TryHardNinja.

☀Now is a very popular song to build our car (Bendi and INK car), which allowed to increase the number of subscribers on the channel.

As a let's player, Will was inspired to do let's plays by Chris Brown, after doing a few episodes with him on his channel. On January 11, 2014, he announced that he would start doing "let's plays" on his channel. With his first series being: Super Mario 3D World.

Wismichu puto calvo!!!!!

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Will Ryan (Original YouTube channel, Older Music):

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@DAGamesOfficial's Twitter:

The old profile Will on myspace:

Onyx Colony song on myspace:

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