"I can't feel my legs."

- Sean Webby

Summary Edit

Sean Webby is an animator and editor.

His YouTube channel, SeanWebcomOfficial, was created on September 4th, 2009. Early content on the channel ranged from song parodies to comedic short films. It later became a film-based channel, where he would primarily post movie reviews. He stopped posting content on the channel in July 2012, and it has remained in an indefinite hiatus. He was heavily involved in the online film reviewing community, and it was in that community where he became friends with Chris Dell'Isola.

Around mid 2012, Chris introduced Sean to Will Ryan in a Skype call. He hit it off with Will very quickly, and the two shared mutual interests in tech, animation, and general content creation.

Work Edit

The first video Sean produced for DAGames was the channel's first official highlight reel; published in February 2015. At this point, he had yet to become a DAGames member. The channel hadn't started hiring members until mid-late 2015. The first video he created as an official member was "DAGames at BABSCon!" in April 2016. Since then, he has contributed to the following projects.

Video Title

Category Contribution
DAGames Highlight Reel Compilation Editing
DAGames at BABSCon! Animation Animation, Assets
GMOD Reality Animation Animation, Assets
Pokemon GO Life Hack Animation Animation, Assets
Discord Reality Animation Animation, Assets
Gospel of Dismay Lyric Video Typography
Bonds From The Grave Lyric Video Typography
Brothers in Arms Lyric Video Animation, Assets
Sean has also worked on several projects outside of DAGames. All of the projects he's been affiliated with can be found in this playlist.

Sean Webby is the first plant to join DAGames, prior to Azaeriah.

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