Not to be confused with Press Start to Begin Anthem

Press Start To Begin is the 19-track album by DAGames, and features remasters/remakes of early songs by Will Ryan, starting with It's Time To Die. Below is the track listing. It should be noted that there are going to be two versions/volumes of this album, Volume 1 being the songs with the vocals, and Volume 2 being the instrumentals, this is the same with a second upcoming album, Controlled. The album was officially released in iTunes on the 26th of August 2016, and the Instrumental Album, Volume 2 has a tentative release date of December 2016.

Volume 1

01. It's Time To Die

02. I'm The Purple Guy

03. Not Here All Night

04. Flumpty's Jam

05. Another Date

06. Break My Mind

07. Game Over

08. March Onward To Your Nightmare

09. Dear Brother ft. Dawko

10. Follow, Greet, Wait, Repeat

11. The Path of Genocide

12. Until Dawn

13. Atomic Renegade

14. I Stay Determined

15. Summon The Wave ft Chloe Eves / Eevee Gamer

16. It's Time to Die (Remake) *listed as remastered

17. I'm the Purple Guy (Remaster)

18. Not Here All Night (Remaster)

19. Another Date (Remastered)

Volume 2

01. It's Time To Die (REMAKE) - Instrumental

02. I'm The Purple Guy (REMASTER) - Instrumental

03. Not Here All Night (REMASTER) - Instrumental

04. Flumpty's Jam - Instrumental

05. Another Date (REMASTERED) - Instrumental

06. Break My Mind - Instrumental

07. Game Over - Instrumental

08. March Onward To Your Nightmare - Instrumental

09. Dear Brother - Instrumental

10. Follow, Greet, Wait, Repeat - Instrumental

11. The Path of Genocide - Instrumental

12. Until Dawn - Instrumental

13. Atomic Renegade - Instrumental

14. I Stay Determined - Instrumental

15. Summon The Wave - Instrumental

Trivia Edit

  • Though it is not a 'remaster', the It's Time to Die remake is listed as 'It's Time to Die Remastered' on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. This could be a typo on DistroKid or Will Ryan's part. Though it was originally going to be a remaster until Will lost the FL Studio files for it.
  • Weirdly enough, the song 'Press Start to Begin Anthem' isn't featured on the album, despite the song's name being the same as the album. This is because it is a 2016 track, and the album is 2015 songs.
    • Though the remasters were released in 2016, they are considered to be better versions of the original songs.
  • The original songs weren't originally meant to be on the album's track listing, but Will must have decided to list them as such, to show off the original songs as well as the remasters.