"Thanks... p-p-p-partner"

- Keyframe

Summary Edit

Keyframe is an artist, voice actress, animator and editor.

Her channel, Keyframe Productions, was created on May 4th 2014, and features speed-painting, comic dubs, readings, analysis, and more.

Keyframe was introduced to Will Ryan by [someone] in [year]. [briefly explain how your friendship developed].

Work Edit

Keyframe's first role in DAGames was [explain the first contribution you made to a DAGames video]. Since then he has contributed to the following projects.

Video Title Category Contribution
DAGames at BABSCon! Animation Voice Acting
Cards Against Humanity Lets Play Thumbnail (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Job Simulator Lets Play Thumbnail (Episode 3, 4)
Surgeon Simulator Lets Play Thumbnail (Episode 1)
[to be continued] Lets Play Thumbnail [to be continued]
Left Behind Lyric Video FX
[to be continued] Lets Play Thumbnail [to be continued]
Keyframe has also worked on several projects outside of DAGames, including [list videos and projects outside of DAGames that you are proud of].

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