Goliath's Throne is an official studio album created by Will Ryan (IRIS ) set for release in 2019 with 10 confirmed songs and 1 more song that is yet to be made on the album. It might be released on May 24, 2019. Goliath's Throne will be the first album to officially release under the IRIS title, and the second original album that Will Ryan will release in a series of original albums with Heart of an Artist being the first. This album will most likely going to be placed under a Metal genre Including Songs Like: Corporate Pain, Hibernation, Trojan, Bloody Ether, I Am The Animal, Surveillance, Guardians, Cold Man, and Obsession. There is a likely chance there will be a song called Goliath's Throne. Also there is a chance some songs may not be a part of the album.

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Title Writer(s) Producer(s)
1 Cold Man IRIS Will Ryan
2 Obsession IRIS Will Ryan
3 Hibernation IRIS Will Ryan
4 Corporate Pain IRIS Will Ryan
5 I Am The Animal IRIS Will Ryan
6 Guardians IRIS Will Ryan
7 Silver Lining IRIS Will Ryan
8 Trojan IRIS Will Ryan
9 Immature IRIS Will Ryan
10 Bloody Ether IRIS Will Ryan
11 Surveillance IRIS Will Ryan

Not all songs will be in album.

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First Album Cover

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