"I hate pizza almost as much as I ate pizza"

~Christian (2018)

Summary Edit

Christian is an animator, editor, vector artist, & composer.

Christian has had several YouTube channels over the years, starting with PivotMasterCF on Dec 13th 2007, where he posted his stick figure animations until he was hacked. This forced him to create the OblivionFall account on Feb 20th 2009. This account was later rebranded as NightFalls Studios on Jun 17th 2014, and his alt account, Vypeira (created May 24th 2011) had it's name changed to OblivionFall later.

Christian was introduced to Will Ryan in early 2015, by his friend Sean Webby. Both Christian and Will had respect for each others artistic talents, and became good friends over the next two years.

Christian is currently married to Azaeriah, another DAGames member.

Work Edit

Christian's first role in DAGames was creating puppets for the animation, DAGames at BABSCon! Since then, he has contributed to the following videos.

Video Title Category Contribution
DAGames at BABSCon! Animation Asset creation
Get Out (Hello Neighbor) Lyric Video Animation, FX, Typography
Turn The Final Page Lyric Video Animation, FX, Typography
Take My Breath Away Lyric Video Animation, FX, Typography
Gospel of Dismay Lyric Video Animation, FX, Typography
Kings and Queens Lyric Video Animation, FX
Bonds From The Grave Lyric Video Animation, FX, Typography
Brothers In Arms Lyric Video Animation, FX, Typography
Christian has collaborated with several other channels in the past, having worked on animation projects with creators such as Grey DeLisle & Robert Knorr & Mystery Ben (Epic Rage Time), Griffinilla & Jenny Nicholson (Friendship is Withcraft), and ILoveKimPossibleAlot & Sean Webby (Let's Go and Meet John de Lancie).

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