"Hey everybody, Aficionados Chris here."

- Chris Dell'Isola

Summary Edit

Christopher John Dell'Isola II is a film critic, comedian, editor, & filmmaker.

His channel, Aficionados Chris, was created on Nov 23rd, 2010. In which he reviews movies, television shows, and occasionally video games in a comedic nature.

Chris met Will in 2007, on the website Newgrounds, as the two were aspiring animators they found that they had common ground and began talking regularly on Skype. They've remained close ever since.

Work Edit

Chris first began collaborating on the channel by playing the role of Professor Barbera.

Later, he was brought on as the editor for the "let's plays" starting with the ninth episode of the Until Dawn playthrough, and ending with the Mother Russia Bleeds series.

Currently, he produces the DAGames Animated shorts.

Chris also works as a freelance editor in his spare time. Having edited for some prolific YouTubers, including ILoveKimPossibleAlot, Griffinilla, Joshscorcher, and Jenny Nicholson.

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