This article is about Chloe Eves of DAGames

"What's up guys, it is Chloe of DAGames!"
- Chloe's former introduction during her Let's Play period.

Summary Edit

Chloe Anne Eves is a voice actress and singer who is also a member of DAGames, along with Will Ryan, Micheal Boggs (SimplyBoggsy, Lyric Video producer), Chris Dell'Isola (Aficionados Chris), and Sean Webby (Animator). Her first channel, ComicLoverGirlNo1, was started on Jan 7th, 2012, where she did song covers, AMVs (Anime Music Videos), and MEPs (Multi-Editor Projects) on said channel.

Chloe met Will through a mutual friend, and around the time after the Five Nights at Freddy's Song released on DAGames, titled "Not Here all Night", which Chloe sang a part in, Chloe and Will started dating, and as of recent times, have been engaged.

Work Edit

Prior to her DAGames membership, and relationship with Will, Chloe produced song covers, AMVs and MEPs on her ComicLoverGirlNo1 channel, but starting out on her time on DAGames, she was a singer who had a part in Not Here All Night. Later, Chloe had some singing parts in the Huniepop song, Another Date, but she also contributed to lyric writing in said song. After that, Chloe sang in Break My Mind (FNAF 4 Song) as the Crying Child, had a group part in The Spirit Divine, the DAGames Christmas Song. She had a part in production in March Onward to Your Nightmare (FNAF 4) and was also featured in backing vocals in Summon The Wave, the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Song. Chloe had a singing

part in the point of view of the animatronics in the Five Nights at Freddys: Sister Location Song, Left Behind. When Will was remastering his songs, Not Here all Night and Another Date were songs Chloe was able to revisit. As of recent times, Chloe now has her separate gaming channel, EeeveeGamer and still is a member of DAGames.

Gallery Edit

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