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"What's up guys, it is Chloe of DAGames!"
- Chloe's former introduction during her Let's Play period.

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Chloe Anne Eves is a voice actress and singer who is also a member of DAGames, along with Will Ryan, Chris Dell'Isola, Christian (Oblivion), Sean Webby, Keyframe, and Azaeriah.

Her first channel, ComicLoverGirlNo1, was started on Jan 7th, 2012, which featured Song Covers, AMVs (Anime Music Videos), and MEPs (Multi-Editor Projects).

Chloe met Will through a mutual friend. They started dating around the time of her first singing role (Not Here All Night). In 2016, Chloe became engaged to Will. In December of 2017, both Will and Chloe decided to discontinue their relationship. After some trial and error, they decided it would be best to remain as good friends.

Work Edit

Since Chloe joined DAGames, she has had numerous singing roles and has even contributed to the editing of some lyric videos.

Chloes first singing role was in the Five Nights at Freddies fan song, Not Here All Night. Since then, she has contributed to the following songs.

Video Title Category Contribution
Not Here All Night Lyric Video Vocals
Another Date Lyric Video Vocals, Typography
Break My Mind Lyric Video Vocals
The Spirit Divine Lyric Video Vocals
March Onwards to Your Nightmare Lyric Video Lyric Video
Summon the Wave Lyric Video Backing Vocals
Left Behind Lyric Video Lyric Video, Vocals
Retribution Lyric Video Typography
Take My Breath Away Lyric Video Lyric Video, Vocals
Kings and Queens Lyric Video Typography
Several DAGames songs have been remastered since their original release, and Chloe was able to reprise her singing roles for each track.

Chloe now has her separate gaming channel, EeeveeGamer and still is a member of DAGames.

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