"You can let uncle touch you."

- Azaeriah

Summary Edit

Azaeriah is a voice actress, singer, & artist.

Her channel, also called Azaeriah, will feature several series related to video games, lore, and music.

Azaeriah was introduced to Will Ryan in mid 2015, by Christian (Oblivion).

Azariah is currently married to Christian, another DAGames member.

Work Edit

Azaeriah's first role in DAGames was creating YouTube thumbnails for the Stories Untold lets play series. Since then, she has contributed to the following videos.

Video Title Category Contribution
Stories Untold Lets Play Thumbnail (Episode 1, 2, 3)
Oneshot Lets Play Thumbnail (Episode 1, 2)
Bendy: Chapter 2 Lets Play Thumbnail (Episode 1)
Outlast 2 Lets Play Thumbnail (Episode 1)
Scanner Sombre Lets Play Thumbnail (Episode 1)
Rick & Morty VR Lets Play Thumbnail (Episode 1, 2)
Little Nightmares Lets Play Thumbnail (Episode 1, 2)
Kindergarten Lets Play Thumbnail (Episode 1, 2)
TattleTail DLC Lets Play Thumbnail (Episode 1)
Try Not To Laugh Challenge Thumbnail (Episode 3)
Observer Lets Play Thumbnail (Episode 2)

Azaeriah also sang in the song Gospel of Dismay

Azaeriah has loaned her skills as a voice actress to as many as 200 projects by various creators on YouTube.

Azaeriah is also the second plant to join DAGames, after Sean Webby.

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